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A new way of monitoring 
patient-specific COVID-19 immunity

Antibody levels wane over time and vary considerably from individual to individual. Monitoring the immune response is particularly crucial for at-risk individuals subject to COVID-19 exposure. Additionally, everyone can benefit from our novel test's capabilities.

The KSL COVID-19 Immune Index immunoassay detects an individual's IgG, IgM, and IgA antibodies to help you understand your immunity.

A quick-and-easy finger-prick blood test or blood draw provides accurate, quantitative results to inform decisions regarding vaccination and risk of infection. Contact KSL Diagnostics for testing supplies. Laboratory results can be provided in just days.


KSL COVID-19 Immune Index — Correlation of antibody titers with virus neutralization

Graphical Results


IgG results < 10
show low virus neutralization

Correlated antibody levels detected against COVID-19 are considerably low.

If unvaccinated, consider vaccination.

If vaccinated, it may be time for a booster — ask your doctor or visit for recommendations



IgG titers of 10-20 reduces effective virus neutralization by 25%

Correlated antibody levels detected are moderate. If unvaccinated, consider vaccination. If vaccinated, it may be time for a booster — ask your doctor or visit for recommendations



IgG titers > 20
show 100% neutralization
of virus

COVID-19 antibody levels detected are abundant.. You should still take appropriate precautions and follow public health regulations, your COVID-19 antibodies from prior infection or vaccination are working to protect you.

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